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Adrian Litman

Adrian Litman



For the past 30 years, I have been working on a variety of projects for Civic, Corporate,
Business and Residential clients, integrating art into architecture as well as designing
free standing two and three dimensional pieces that create a sense of encounter and
engagement through visual distinction or interaction.

As an artist, I find inspiration and fuel for creative expression by contemplating the world
around me. My inspiration is enhanced by concepts introduced by contemporary science,
social issues, politics and cultural diversities.
I use abstract and figurative interpretations to convey messages and emotions with sensibility,
combining control and passion. Depending on the scope of design, volumes, shapes and
vibrant luminous colors, are crafted to converge in an elegant harmony, stimulating the mind
and emotions of the viewer.
Having an eclectic approach to design, I feel comfortable flowing from dramatic subjects to
whimsical and humorous themes.
I have a broad range of diverse artistic skills and experience of working with a variety of durable
materials like stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, porcelain and glass as appropriate for
harmonious integration with the site’s architectural style and environment.
For most of my large size public art designs, I cooperate with architects, structural engineers
and licensed public art fabricators.

As a basic principle, I create public art designs with flexibility in order to allow the project
stakeholders and community input and participation.



  • Magic Birds Installed in Pyramid Park Mountain View, CA