Creative Sonoma

Annette Goodfriend

Visual Arts: Sculpture
Annette Goodfriend

I am fascinated by the perversity of nature. 

My current work casts a critical, scientific, and humorous eye on the mutagenesis of form, from the cellular level to the limb. It examines and celebrates that moment of translation from cerebral to visceral.

Recently I have been exploring the hand of man and the role of science in the natural world. While we develop investigative tools in biology, chemistry, and physics to research and understand our world, those same tools give us the capability of controlling and morphing the environment and ourselves. The catastrophic change that man’s actions have caused to our climate could be remedied if our vast scientific knowledge was matched by political will and implemented towards a remedy. And what about the politics of the body? Our knowledge of genetics and the molecular tools we have created could allow us to eradicate disease, but where is the ethical line? And who gets to draw that line? Who decides what traits are desirable, which to be eliminated? And who gets to utilize these tools of selection?

These questions and concepts weave their way through my work, and hopefully open a pathway to necessary conversations.


  • Arm Knot, Silicone Rubber