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Dianna Grayer

Theatre: Directing
Dianna Grayer



Dianna L. Grayer, PhD, a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist for over 25 years, loves to reach people through her writing.

Dianna, a self-taught writer, director, and producer, enjoys working in all aspects of play production from prop design and construction to recruiting and casting actors. Over the past six years she has directed and produced plays about important issues that offer audiences opportunities to think, be affected and be educated; Black Lives Matter, LGBTQI, Depression, Bullying, and Rejection. Dianna’s passion for writing about topics that support and empower people continues in her other published works: 8 children’s books, a poetry book and a journaling book, each with accompanying CDs. Through her writings, Dianna contributes to her vision- Education, Justice, and Equality for all people.