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Jason Cool

Architecture; Artisan: Ceramics, Fiber Art, Glass, Jewelry, Other, Woodworking; Arts Administration; Dance: Ballroom, Choreography, Hip-Hop & Funk, Improvisation, Modern, Other, Professional Performance; Design: Fashion Design, Interior Design; Film Office: Crew, Equipment, General Services, Production, Talent; Folk Art: Other, Puppetry, Storytelling; Functional Art: Furniture, Other; Literature: Children's, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Other, Poetry; Media: Other; Multi-Media; Music: Composition, Instrumental, Other, Vocal; Performance Art; Teacher/Instructor; Theatre: Acting, Directing, Improvisation, Other; Visual Arts: Illustration, Mixed, Other, Painting, Photography, Sculpture; World photography
Jason Cool


Jason Cool/Henson

  1. Raised by musical and artistic tallent. from my grandfather Walter cool.writing and composing set designs on and off Broadway as well as music teacher. He tought me many things about music ,set design ,and writing stories making colleen cool was a d.j for many years growing up .her morning talk show won an addy award. experience of the evolution of radio stations format from vinal,reel to reel,8 track,cassette,cd,to digital.learned lots about the insider secrets and politics , selling air time ,being a paid musical artist.and much more.on my dad’s side .the “story family.” his grandmother had 21 kids .4 sets of twins ,all natural birth!all musicians playing together ofton..on ed sullvon show and groucho marks.this popular family band and I would practice at grandma’s regularly. As a kid growing up. i would try many instruments pianos ,drums,accordion ,banjo ,mandolin etc. I have been in theater,loved the arts, music ,writer. open to everything since i was a young  kid.arts and music are my life!if i dont know how to do something,i  will be honest!i ask,try and will do all things of interest with love !and any collaboration with heart.I Compromise to learn others perspectives because im always learning. preforming on and off stage.jamming with the public.sharing what i know. Learning what others are willing or able to teach.I  loved all the music,art,storys,I have been a part of, or experienced 1999 to current over 15 countries I visited. World Share


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