Creative Sonoma

Ron Carter

Architecture; Artisan: Ceramics, Jewelry; Design: Interior Design; Functional Art: Furniture, Other; Literature: Poetry; Music: Other; Teacher/Instructor: Teaching Artist for Adults, Teaching Artist for Youth; Visual Arts: Illustration, Mixed, Other, Painting, Photography, Sculpture; Public and Environmental Artist
Ron Carter


My Path…
Divergent visions gave rise to my creative present. A present refreshed by art as life and livelihood.

Experiences like the ‘Tubbs Fire’ that hit Santa Rosa serve to strengthen the ‘artist within me’. It foements subjective creative moments that utilize my past, present – and my future as focal lenses.

Spontaneously, I chose The San Francisco Art Institute over The Rhode Island School of Design and the School of the Art Institute  at Chicago for my formal Art education. I received my BFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Public Art. I’ve studied stone sculpture for 10 years with Master Sculpture-Ante’ Marinovic, one of Croatia’s premier stone sculptors and is considered a Croatian national treasure.

I explore the collaboration between artist, media and tool in such a fashion as to give rise to multiple layers of compressed info within each piece I create no matter if it is a purely visual work or an interactive space or environmental art form.

For me, art screams out into all aspects of my life. As an artist in western society, dogma and bravado go hand in hand with economic choice.

Art is my life. If it’s not nailed down or permanently affixed,  it’s in trouble of becoming art resource material. Well, upon further review, even that won’t deter me from considering an objects use in an art piece.


  • Peace - mixed media on canvas