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Welcome to A Theater For Children’s Overview!

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Our Mission

Providing Free live theater experiences for children to build character and community.

Our Vision

A Theater For Children was founded in 2016 to serve the residents of Sonoma County.  We wanted to preserve the Actor’s Theater For Children tradition of providing low-cost performances for children and to offer more opportunities for children to perform. We recognize that the theater arts provide children with life-changing opportunities to develop character and confidence, promote cooperation among multiple generations and build a diverse and vibrant community of individuals who value creativity and learning.

Our Programs

Participation in the magic of theater, whether behind the scenes or in front of an audience, sparks imagination and ingenuity and helps to build community and character. A Theater For Children provides quality affordable live entertainment to the community as well as opportunities for children to perform at local schools and in our mainstage shows.

Each year we produce at least two main stage productions. We use local talent.  Our shows include well-loved interpretations of classic children’s literature, as well as contemporary stories and new works. Our first show was McQuadle: A Dragon’s Tale in March of 2017. In September 2017, we presented Cinderella, Cinderella, a participation play for children, with lots of exciting opportunities for children in the audience to get on stage and influence the unfolding of the story. In March 2018, we presented Dorothy & The Wizard of Oz, also a child participation play. In Fall 2018, we produced Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS at the Steele Lane Community Center and provided a special opportunity for children in the audience to participate in the Twilight Bark and Dalmatian Plantation song. In March 2019, we presented a new musical with an anti-bullying theme called Alex & The Magic Staff, by local artists Bridget Palmer and Peter B. Allen.

For the 2019-2020 Season, we received a Cultural Arts Grant from Creative Sonoma to support our theme of “Children Embracing Nature Through Theater Arts.” This grant supported our efforts to produce Disney’s Lion King KIDS in November 2019. The production included the theme of the balance of nature and incorporated audience participation with an African animal headband arts project for children and the inclusion of audience voices and movement.  Our March 2020 production, the California premiere of “Save Our Planet”, also contained a nature preservation theme, and children were invited to participate by rapping along with the performers. Our two site-specific versions of Disney’s Lion King KIDS, at Bellevue and Kid Street Charter schools, including 60-80 children in each production, sadly had to be canceled because of the global pandemic and the associated school closures.

We hope that when the pandemic passes, (perhaps the summer of 2021) we will be able to provide a second year of our highly successful no-cost summer Drama camp for children facing significant early childhood adversity.

Who We Are

Staffed mostly by volunteers, ATFC is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, under the fiscal sponsorship of Inquiring Systems INC. (ISI) in Santa Rosa, CA. With their administrative support and the financial contributions of local partner organizations and individual sponsors, we hope to provide our services for many years to come.


Our Response to COVID-19:

We mourn the particular impact the Covid-19 virus has had on our ability to bring people together to create theater and to enjoy performances. However, the show must go on, and luckily ATFC is in a position to continue serving the public by moving our programming into new contexts.

In Fall 2020, all of our theater activities will be through rehearsals scheduled online and performances shared online. We’re also hosting a playwriting workshop online and a playwriting competition, that doesn’t rely on in-person meetings.  Young playwrights can work on their scripts at home and submit their finished products through our website.

All the information about these opportunities is available at


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