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Life on Earth Art

Life on Earth Art



Life on Earth Art unites people from diverse communities to co-create
handmade large scale interactive art as a platform for global healing.

Life On Earth Art is

an Invitation… to gather, share stories, and make art.
a Celebration… of the work we do not only to heal ourselves, but also each other, and the planet.
a Declaration… that, collectively, we can dream bigger dreams and create greater good when we dare to fly.
an Improvisation… of movement, sound, touch, sight, smell and intuition.
an Investigation… into the potential that can be unleashed—and the invention that can be unlocked—through art.
a Manifestation… for a global vision of acceptance, expression, and unity.

Life On Earth Art inspires healing and transformation through art. Because we know Life On Earth is Art.

Please contact us to learn more about how individuals, schools, and organizations can become involved with our programs!


Our Response to COVID-19:

Life on Earth Art follows all local health orders and guidance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • "You and I Unbound" The song was written and sung by patients at Department of State Hospitals - Napa, after being inspired by the making and manifestation of Unbound, the artwork featured and created by both patients and volunteers alike. Video by Reel23Films in collaboration with Haley Chimienti and Life On Earth Art