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The Imagine Bus Project

The Imagine Bus Project



Through arts education and community partnerships, The Imagine Bus Project engages and inspires incarcerated youth, and youth impacted by the juvenile justice system. We enable self-expression and positive personal development so that young people can successfully re-enter their communities and find a path to a fulfilling future.

Juvenile Justice system-entangled youth who are able to express themselves creatively and healthfully, take risks safely, and plan for a fulfilling, positive future.

Involvement in the Juvenile Justice system as an opportunity for personal reflection, transformation and growth for adjudicated young people.

Our program model demonstrating achievement of healthy self-expression, improved personal development, a positive future orientation; and, can be replicated or adapted to reach more system-involved youth.

The Imagine Bus Project delivers cross-cultural learning experiences that focus on relationship building and art as tools for problem solving. We focus on exposing youth to creative opportunities and artists with the belief that art has the power to save lives and put adjudicated youth on a path towards a future in which they are healthy and empowered to lead creative and productive lives.

TIBP’s Theory of Change models that youth need a creative vehicle to build confidence through creativity, develop meaningful skills through their craft, and connect with their communities in order to break the cycle of incarceration

The Imagine Bus Project is a Creative Sonoma Arts Education Integration Grantee, to support the Youth Studio visual arts program in Sonoma County’s Los Guilicos Juvenile Justice Center and Sonoma Probation Camp.



  • This is one of our curriculum lessons, "Understanding and Controlling Anger." This video is shown in the Juvenile Halls in addition to the visual art lesson. The life skills curriculum is integrated into the art lesson to "remind" and in some cases "introduce" ideas for the youth to think about. Ideally, in time, they will consciously or unknowingly make healthier decisions from TIBP's influence. The first impression is the life skills lesson and the second is keeping key points from the lesson in mind when creating the art. The two impressions have a similar effect to hearing something and then writing it with pen and paper for better retention.