Fire Recovery Resources

Photo: KSRO

The Wine Country Fires of 2017 reminded us that natural disasters are indiscriminate in who they impact individually, yet also of the depth of our instincts to help collectively.  Recovery will be a long and difficult journey, but will surely also be filled with miracles of many shapes and sizes.

We are proud to be participating in our community’s rebuilding efforts through supporting the creative sector. Listed below are ongoing resources for creatives affected by the fires.

As of October 2018, the Creative Sonoma Recovery Fund has awarded nearly $170,000 to more than 130 members of our creative community. Creatives have spanned all genres and disciplines from A (architects) to V (visual artists) including dancers; artisans; designers of webs, graphics and fashion; photographers, musicians, actors, educators and arts administrators. The heartbreak woven through each of our recipient’s stories is matched only by the hope and inspiration they have shared with us through this process. A sampling of their thoughts are included at the bottom of this page.

We will continue to fund creative individuals and organizations affected by the fires until our fund is depleted. In addition, we funded arts organizations who are producing work in response to the fires. Finally, we secured funds to place a cadre of trained teaching artists into our schools to use art as a healing agent for students who have experienced trauma. 

Thank you to the remarkable creative community of Sonoma County and all of its supporters.



“Thank you so much for this.  One of the most heartbreaking moments of this fire was realizing my guitars were gone, in particular my Taylor 410e that I had saved my money up for in college. I wrote every song I that ever came into my head on that guitar….love songs to my wife….lullabies for my kids…rock n roll songs for my band…singer songwriter songs for my solo career. I played it at my father’s funeral and across the country and over the sea. It will be missed. The money you have granted me will go towards a new acoustic guitar with new songs and stories trapped inside waiting to get out. I was in the middle of completing demos for a new solo cd. Those demos are gone but when I get back up and recording again I will send you the music when it is done. There is a poem that I often have read at my house concerts called Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye. After the fires and the many acts of kindness, I feel I understand it on a deeper level now. Thank you for your kindness.”  –Musician

“I am so very happy that Creative Sonoma was able to fund me. I will definitely be putting this money right back into creating more jewelry. Maybe I will be able to participate in some shows this holiday season, as I usually do if I hurry and get busy!”  -Artisan

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time, effort, and support. In this time of financial uncertainty, where building costs far exceed insurance payouts, it is difficult to justify spending money on photographic equipment (and almost everything, for that matter). Applying for this grant forced me to reflect on the importance of my camera to my career, my service to others, myself, and the way I walk through life. Your assistance and your validation will help me to prioritize my return to photography, and this is very healing, indeed. Our community needs the kind of healing  that comes from making, sharing, and experiencing beautiful art.” -Artist 

“Thank you so much for your grant and your generous ongoing efforts to help the creative community in Sonoma County. I will apply the money immediately as partial payment for a replacement guitar and PA so I can keep up with my performing commitments.”  -Musician