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Musical Instrument Library

Musical Instrument Library



Mission Statement/Purpose:

Bringing the world together through music, dance, art and cultural exchange. Our purpose is to provide musical instruments of the world to the public, and to promote all teachers, students, artists, enthusiasts and performers regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious or sexual orientation.

Core Programs and Services:

The Musical Instrument Library has two core services: Lending of musical instruments and providing a venue for musicians, dancers, artists, and children to study, cultivate, teach, and perform.

Racial Equity Statement:

The Musical Instrument Library strives to represent the world through music, art, and dance. We provide a safe space where everyone has access to musical instruments, education, dance, and art- especially to those who would usually not have the opportunity. It is our goal to appreciate and hold sacred the rich, musical cultures of the world, highlighting and uplifting artists from the cultures and places of origin and providing them with a platform, stage, classroom, instruments and other resources with which to cultivate and share their art. The Musical Instrument Library provides free and sliding scale services in order to make these things more accessible to those who are faced with bias, oppression, institutionalized racism, and economic hardship. By providing a platform for this education, we can combat ignorance and promote understanding and respect for all human beings.


Our Response to COVID-19:

Our main response to Covid 19 has unfortunately been to close temporarily, although we did host a virtual performance evening at the beginning of the pandemic featuring artists from around the world via zoom. You can view that show here (please pardon the tech/sound issues as we all learned to navigate the new format of virtual performance):

Currently, we are in the midst of a pivot! We are re-formatting to become a home delivery service of borrowed instruments (wind instruments are temporarily excluded from the lending inventory). Each instrument will be carefully cleaned and sanitized between homes, and will be delivered no-contact right to your doorstep!


  • A small sampling of what we have provided for the communities of Sonoma County.