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Raven Performing Arts Theater

Raven Performing Arts Theater




We are a group of individuals just like you – community-minded individuals with an interest in preserving performing arts.

With funding for arts disappearing in our schools, the responsibility for supporting the arts lies firmly with us. When we banded together to save the historic Raven Theater in downtown Healdsburg California, we had big dreams of enhancing the lives of every community member by offering a conveniently located, eclectic array of entertainment.

That same goal pushes us forward today, as we continue to look for ways to broaden our role as a gathering place, wow audiences with top-name acts, bring in both amateur and professional stage productions, add more world music and dance shows to our lineup, and enable a stimulating exchange of ideas through a speaker series.

Did we mention that we want to do all of this in a first-rate theater environment? One of our key goals is to raise funds to improve Raven with dressing rooms, better seating, more bathrooms, offices, storage for set pieces, enhanced lighting and sound, and an inviting lobby/concession area.

The mission of the Raven Performing Arts Theater is to provide an inviting venue for performing arts and a vibrant center for community, educational, and public service activities.


  • To provide a long-term home for community performance groups including schools, churches, clubs, and public and private organizations.
  • To offer programming that encompasses a variety of professional performances including dance, acting, music, and festivals.
  • To provide a learning environment for children and adults, as individuals and in groups, to learn many aspects of theater operation, production, and presentation.


Short-term goals include a strong desire to expand our program offerings, upgrade the theater to enable a wider range of entertainers to perform on its stage.  Longer term, we plan to convert the Raven Performing Arts Theater into a state-of-the-art performance venue, and create an endowment to sustain programming and theater maintenance.


  • The Raven Players is the resident theater company of the Raven Performing Arts Theater.