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Sonoma Academy Gallery Guidelines

We look for original artwork that takes an innovative approach and shows a sophisticated execution. Chosen artists should enhance the arts curriculum. Established and emerging artists interested in showing are encouraged to look over the guidelines on our website. Shows are generally up for two months unless another arrangement has been made between the artist and the school. We provide a stipend of $120 for a lecture or class demo.
Artists are responsible for hanging and taking down their own shows.
The school takes no commission for any work sold.
Gallery Size

Dimensions of the wall space:

  • Two walls are 6′ 8”
  • One wall is 10’ 5”
  • One wall is 8’ 7”
  • One wall is 33’ 10”
  • One wall is 3’
Please submit a link to your website or blog for consideration and send it to Hillary Younglove. Shows are booked one year in advance.


  • Sonoma Academy Gallery exhibit space.