The work of the following individuals has yielded new and important conversations with schools and districts throughout the county. Regular meetups for school/district administration are in place to share strategies, gain knowledge about the impact of arts education, and discuss and network how to best use funding, resources, and skills. The Advocacy Team created the Student Arts Spotlight, a “good news” monthly feature highlighting student work in the arts. This Spotlight is featured in Creative Sonoma webpages and through social media channels.

Thanks to the following volunteers, who are serving this cause well:

Constance Schlelein – Sonoma Culture and Fine Arts Commissioner

Debbie Yarrow – Creative Sonoma

Jane Shelly – Santa Rosa Symphony

Jessica Martin – Artist, Curator, Educator

O’Meara Cover – Real Estate Development, Arts Education Advocate

Lauren Hodge Peters – Nonprofit Professional 

Robert Bullwinkel – Big Idea Arts and Education Consulting

Tracy Sawyer – Luther Burbank Center for the Arts

William Adams – Johnston | Thomas Law 


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